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Winning Entries Of Gadget Free Hour Contest - Visual Medium

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ParentCircle celebrated #GadgetFreeHour on World's Children's Day, 20th November and during the #GadgetFreeHour, evening 7.30 to 8.30 p.m, we asked parents to stay away from all gadgets for an hour and spend time with their children. 

To celebrate the special gadget free time with family, we have organised a related #GadgetFreeHour My Family Time contest for children. For the visual medium category, we asked children to express their thoughts visually in the form of collages, drawings, paintings and more! It was a resounding success and received a lot of entries from children across various age groups. We are truly overwhelmed by the responses.

Each one of the entries is distinct, creative yet very simple, it depicts their dreams of spending gadget-freee family time. As we are sorting through those amazing entries, we keep the best ones aside from Visual medium and put it together into a ClipBook. 

Here are the winning entries art works from Visual Medium: 

S Prajan Karthee, 5 years

G Jaganiyameenakshi, 5 years

Kanshika Senthilkumar, 5 years

V Prajan, 8 years

Ojasvi Bhagawati, 8 years

Rini Sinha, 8 years

Utsab Das, 10 years

P Thadsanya, 12 years

M S Harini, 13 years

K Sindhujaa Sri, 14 years

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to check out the amazing artworks.

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