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Why Play Is Important For Children

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These days some parents start preparing their children for college from kindergarten. With meticulously planned evenings and custom-tailored play-dates, children barely get any time to be themselves or a chance for unstructured play. However, it’s important to let children be.

Having time to play, especially, unstructured play can be especially important for your child’s growth. Just think back to your childhood and remember all that time that you had to yourself and how it helped you to explore and become yourself. Your child needs the same freedom to plot his own journey through the play he’s interested in.

Not convinced? Read this Clip to know more about how play can help your child, the benefits of play, and games you can play with your child. 


Why You Should Play With Your Child

Given all the amazing benefits of play, it’s obvious that you should play with your child. In case you are still feeling unconvinced, here are some more reasons to spend time playing with your child!

Benefits Of Play In Early Childhood

Play is incredibly important for children. Play can help your child develop her physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social skills. In fact, some experts even say that, in order for your child to be successful in the later part of her li...

How The Playground Can Help Your Child's Development

The playground is a wonderful place for children. It is a place where, even without books, children learn skills which are important for leading a successful life. Some of these include problem-solving, making friends, planning and so on...

Educational Benefits Of Playing With Clay

Play can even have quite a few educational benefits, especially when children are playing with clay. These benefits range from children becoming better at fine motor skills to being more creative...

Why Playing In The Sand Is Good

Playing in the sand may just seem like another way for your child to pick up infections. However, it can actually be pretty good for your child to play in the sand. Read on to know what these benefits specifically are.

Playing Traditional Games

Play can also be a way for you to teach your child about culture. You could do this through teaching him some traditional games. Here are some of these games along with clear instructions.

Games To Play With Preschoolers

Wondering what games to play with your little one? Don’t worry, we can give you quite a few ideas. From classics like musical chairs to cool ones like obstacle course, this article will teach to play some of the most fun games with your preschooler.

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