Why Learning Is So Playful

Shapes & Colours

Learning should always be fun. If we just by-heart or read through the plain text, our brain will not record the meaning of the text. Even if it registers, it will be on the temporary area, like a scratch pad. We forget after sometime. Alternative...

Counting Numbers

"The environment must be rich in motives which lend interest to activity and invite the child to conduct his own experiences” says Maria Montessori. Children have inquisitive minds. They love to experiment and ask innovative questions, which adult...

Threading Beads And Shapes

With little fingers, if children experiment and thread the beads and shapes, they learn to use their fingers, cognitive skills, fine motor skills, shapes, colours and patterns. It is so fun for them to arrange the shapes and beads and thread them ...

Learning Small, Big, Thin, Thick, Short & Tall

While attempting to put the pegs back in the hole, Children understand the properties of the peg such as small, big, thin, thick, tall and short. Their focus improves while trying to put the pegs in the right hole

Making Shapes With Dough

Children love to play with dough and clay for 2 reasons - (1) Soft and flexible nature and (2) Attractive colours Children learn to make various shapes, patterns, themes using dough. Its a good fine motor skill development too

Pouring Water

This is a fun way to improve Child's concentration and fine motor skills. Children learn to pour them in a glass without spilling the water. Over the period of time, their focus will improve significantly

Jig Saw Puzzle

Placing small jigs in the right slot to give them a proper shape or picture is really fun. Children love to do it and they never mind spending whole day with jigsaw puzzle. It improves their imagination skill, patience, focus and the habit of lear...

Building Blocks

One of the best and favourite toy for children is the building blocks. We can see it in almost all houses. Children can make different shapes and buildings using these blocks. Its colour, easy handling, formation of different shapes, quick assembl...

Screwing The Block / Jar

Screwing the block or jar is fun for all children. They observe how a screw enters into the hole by simple rotary clockwise motion. Similarly they learn to unscrew by anticlockwise motion. This playful activity improves their concentration, fine m...

Shapes In The Slot

This is one of the popular learning material. Children learn the shapes and colours in this game. They find it very interesting in finding the right slot which let the shapes inside the box. In early childhood, Montessori students learn through s...

Passing The Ball

Children love to play this game and they learn team coordination, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, throwing and catching the ball and name of their friends. They also learn to share and improve their social behaviour

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Why Learning Is So Playful

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