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Why It Is Good To Sing To Your Child


Singing enhances the child-parent bond. Several studies have established that, while children love talking with their parents, they like it even more when parents sing to them. 

Every time you sing to your child, you would not have missed noticing that her attention is focused on you and your voice. So, by singing to your child, you also help her develop the ability to fix her attention and focus. 

Experts believe that singing can be a great teaching tool too. It can be used as a fun way of teaching subjects in which the child is struggling to do well.

Singing also helps soothe a child. When you sing to your child, you make him feel that you are close to him and paying attention to him as well. This, in turn, makes him feel safe and secure, which is important to keep him calm and happy.

Listening to the song you sing also introduces your child to new words, melodies and sound patterns. It also boosts her listening and comprehension skills. These skills help build the necessary foundation for learning how to read.  

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The Power Of Lullabies

Parents all around the world, sing to their children. While some sing to connect with their culture, others sing to remember their own childhood. The lyrics are mostly soothing words that tell babies how much they are loved.

4 Things You Didn’T Know About Lullabies

Sung on a daily basis, a lullaby can help build a sleeping pattern that will facilitate children to fall asleep easily and improve sleep quality.

Lullabies Soothe Children

Lullabies have a soothing effect on children. Not only are they naturally calming, lullabies tell children they are not alone and are cared for.

Singing Helps Develop Language Skills

According to experts, "Song is a special type of speech". Singing lullabies and nursery rhymes to babies before they learn to speak is an essential precursor to later educational success and emotional well-being.

Singing Can Support Children’S Learning

Ever wondered why we sing little songs to our children? It is easier for a child to relate to rhythms and sound patterns attached to the tune. That is why children learn the alphabet better by singing them instead of just saying the letters.

Music Is Healing

Parenting expert Amy Robbins-Wilson explains that lullabies are important because they are “healing music…that is like getting a sonic massage.”

Music Is Important For Toddlers

Children identify rhythm very early on in life. It increases the child's sensory development and helps build coordination.

Why You Should Sing To Your Kids

Babies are programmed to pay attention to melodies and sound patterns. They have enjoy pleasing sounds and rhythms, which is why they sleep better when you sing a lullaby.

Benefits Of Singing With Your Child

Music can foster emotional attachment. Music has a way to forge a bond as children love to listen to the voice of their parents. When the songs become recognisable, the child feels they are in a safe and and a part of their safe and familiar envir...

The Importance Of Singing

Singing is considered to be one of the best ways to develop sound awareness in children. This helps especially when children are learning how to read.

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