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Why Is It Important To Hug Your Child

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Your children depend on you for everything till they grow up. It is your love and understanding that nurture them into fine human beings.

Hugs and kisses are known to be the best forms of expressing your love towards your child. Hugging you child is important because it brings you closer to your child; makes her feel safe and secure, boosts her self-esteem, and improves her emotional quotient.

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How Hugs Can Help Your Children

For young babies, the role of affectionate touch is very important as it has a direct impact on their physical and psychological development. A hug is magical and can do wonders for your growing child.

Why You Should Hug Your Children More Often

Children learn better with love and care. A hug and a chat about what is going on will get a better response than yelling and punishment.

The Benefits Of Hugging Your Child Often

There is nothing better than hugging and snuggling your child. It is an easy way to show your love for them. Read this article to know why skin contact or physical touch such as hugging, is so important.

Cuddle More For Happier Kids

Studies show that cuddling releases oxytocin, a hormone that improves a person’s happiness and sense of connection to others. Higher oxytocin levels mean that you communicate better, trust people more, experience less stress, and feel a satisfied ...

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