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Why Girls Should Play Sports


Sports has always been considered a 'boy' thing. Girls are ‘supposed’ to learn how to cook and take care of household chores. However, with girls playing sports and making a name for themselves as well, sports no longer remains a boy’s domain.

From cricket to hockey, volleyball to badminton, girls are excelling at all types of sport. Taking part in sports can improve a girl’s self-esteem apart from the immense physical and mental benefits they offer.

Want to make your little one the next Mithali Raj or the next Sindhu? Go through this ClipBook to know why girls should play sports


Reasons For Girls To Play Sports

We all know that regular physical exercise is good for a child’s body, mind and spirit. Sports participation offers girls, in particular, benefits beyond the more obvious ones. Yet, during adolescence, the majority of girls who play and enjoy spor...

Girls Are Empowered By Playing Sports

Sports participation offers girls an opportunity to build their self-esteem, courage and self-efficacy. It is a place where they can take up leadership positions. Through sports programs, girls' belief in their own ability increases.

How Sports Can Help Develop A Girl's Self-Esteem

Physical activity benefits all of us in a multitude of ways physically, mentally, and more. But all-too often, teen girls miss out on the active play, exercise and sport participation that would enhance their health, boost their confidence, increa...

High Impact Sports May Boost Bone Health In Girls

There are many benefits of participating in sport. Sports makes children physically active thereby improving bone health. Athletes have a greater bone mineral density compared with non-active and even physically active females.

Don't Let Puberty Get In The Way Of Sports

When your child is younger you have control over what they eat and how they spend their time, but with puberty, it becomes paramount that they do not forget the value of exercise and healthy eating. Teens love sport and want to stay active, for ot...

How Parents Can Encourage Girls To Play Sport

Girls report more barriers to participation in sports than boys, which affects their health. Here are some ways parents can support their daughters in leading a physically active lifestyle.

Does Playing Sports Help Improve Grades?

A research increasingly points to academic benefits for children who have some regular physical activity. So, you have more reason than one to encourage your daughter to play a sport.

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