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Why Children Sulk And Whine


A little bit of sulking and whining are childhood staples. But when it becomes an everyday habit for your child, you may have your work cut out for you. In fact, some kids have mastered the art of whining and get what they want by way of their frowns and scowls. If your wailing and whimpering child makes you want to scream out loud, it’s time (way past) to address this behavioural issue.

The first step to resolve this whining issue is to find out why your child indulges in this sort of grumpy behaviour. Your child may not get her way, so perhaps she pouts, mopes and becomes a grumpy one. Why? Does she feel neglected? Is her glowering her way of expressing her anger over something bothering her in the house or school? Is it a manipulative tool to trick you into getting her way?

If you give into your child’s crying demands, you might have a stubborn child at your hand who may use her whines to get her way. If you don't address this problem on time, your child can carry her moaning habit into adulthood. A sullen child may sometimes get her way but a grouchy adult can soon become a social pariah.

An article on the topic Why Children Pout, published in states, "For some parents, the best way to deal with children when they are trying to manipulate through pouting is to ignore them. Once they have calmed down, parents can talk with them about better ways to handle disappointment and frustration." So, navigate through your child’s sobs and brooding ways with smart tips.

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