Why Children Lie

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Children tell lies for many reasons, depending on the situation and their motivation. Children might lie to: Children can learn to tell lies from an early age, usually by around three years of age. This is when they begin to work out that grown-up...

Why Kids Lie & What To Do About It | Empowering Parents

Q: When your child lies to you, it hurts. As parents, it makes us angry and we take it personally. We feel like we can never trust our child again. Why does lying cause such anger, pain and worry for parents? Parents are understandably very afraid...

Why Kids Lie—Age By Age

"Daddy puts on your bras sometimes," my then 4-year-old said nonchalantly as I tried on lingerie in a department store dressing room. "When you're asleep," she replied—and proceeded to describe how, early Saturday mornings, he'd slip a bra over hi...

Why Do Children Lie, Cheat, And Steal?

Remember the famous story about a young George Washington who could not tell a lie? What a whopper. The more realistic tale is the one about Pinocchio—the would-be boy who lied until the web of deception was as plain as the ginormous nose on his w...

Punishing Kids For Lying Only Makes Them Lie More

Do you punish your children when they’re caught in a lie? That’s what many parents do, but a new study from researchers at McGill University suggests it might be time for a different approach. The study finds that kids reprimanded for lying are mo...

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Why Children Lie

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