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Why Boredom Is Good For Your Child


Advancement in technology has led to an increase in the means of entertainment but it has also negatively affected creativity and brain development. Nowadays, most of the time, children sit passively in front of a screen watching movies or playing games. But after some time, these activities no longer look entertaining and they start complaining of boredom. This means that children have lost the capacity to entertain themselves.

In an article published in The Hindu, Dr Gowri Devi, a Hyderabad-based child psychiatrist says that boredom is a modern-day urban phenomenon. According to her, “It is the awareness of possibilities, accessibilities, exposure and low-level of frustration tolerance that leads to boredom.”

Bored children pester and demand constant attention. Parents of such children usually bend over backwards to meet their demands. The better thing to do in such a situation is to not give in to the complaints of children. Jessica Alba, the famous Hollywood actress, reacted to her children’s complaints by saying, “I spent my entire childhood being bored! That is how you figure out who you are by getting bored and having to use your imagination!”

Do your children also complain often of feeling bored? Are you too at your wit’s end? Don’t worry. Be firm and encourage your children to come up with their own creative ideas to tackle boredom. Several research studies have suggested that boredom can be a motivation for doing several positive things. It can pave the way for children to daydream and fantasise, which are extremely important exercises for their budding imagination. Having unstructured time can help in developing the ability to think unconventionally. You can also motivate your children to seek out some new and interesting challenges for themselves.

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