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When Your Child Is Too Sensitive


Is one stern scolding enough to make your child cry? And does she get emotional way too often? You are raising no drama queen, so do not worry. She’s just a highly sensitive child and that could actually be a great thing.

Raising such a child can be quite rewarding to you. Sensitive children are often highly innovative, attentive to details, creative and caring. They’re also intellectually gifted and are most likely to become high achievers as they grow up. Understanding your child’ sensitivity, the downsides too, is a very important requisite from your side. You’ll have to accept that she could be introverted and socially-withdrawn at times, and could easily get upset or stressed about small things that wouldn’t affect other people.

However, the problem occurs when her sensitivity makes her highly volatile and vulnerable. Her inability to stand up for herself could make her an easy target for bullies. An article in the BUMP says, “Tell your child that she doesn't have to deal with intimidating people on her own. Knowing that she has people watching out for her will give her the confidence to take action. Tell her to let you or her teacher know if she feels she is being bullied.” The article also suggests you to take your sensitive child to self-defence classes, to try to boost her confidence.

Read through this ClipBook to know more about raising a sensitive child and how you can extend you complete support to her.


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Some children are just born more sensitive than others. Help your child to not take everything so hard, whether it's hurt feelings or scraped knees.

Raising A Sensitive Child

Despite what other parents may tell you, it’s not due to a deficiency in confidence or social skills, and it’s certainly not something you as parents have, or ever had, control over.

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Sensitive children pose some challenges when it comes to discipline. Sensitive children tend to become emotionally overwhelmed easily. They are likely to cry if you raise an eyebrow at their behavior and often worry about getting into trouble.

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