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When Dads Changed Their Kids' Diapers...


Changing diapers is no child’s play. Ask every mother who has experienced the difficult task of changing their kid’s diaper and they are bound to agree. The foul smell coupled with layers of clothing to remove, the process of cleaning and applying a fresh diaper is a hard task.

But what about the father? Yes! Fathers too play an active role in bringing up the child and that includes changing diapers as well. And what if the father is a celebrity or a known personality? It makes the task a tad bit interesting, given their status. A sporting hero, a movie actor, a chess champion and a senior television professional are among the many featured in this ClipBook who share their memory and experience of changing their kid’s diapers.

To start with, former Indian cricketer, Virender Sehwag, might have many records to his name but like any father, he shares his experience of changing his kid’s diaper in his trademark witty style that has become the hallmark of his tweets.

Following in the footsteps of Viru is one of India’s most elegant batsmen – VVS Laxman. In one of the links in this ClipBook, this ace cricketer, who was known for his stylish cricketing shots, talks exclusively to ParentCircle about the first time he changed his child’s diaper. It makes for an interesting read.

Moving on from the cricketing world, we look at one of the greatest chess players in the world – Vishwanathan Anand who shares his opinion on the role of fathers in parenting.

To know more about the diaper-changing experience of other celebrities such as Allu Arjun, Venugopal Rajagopalan and Sai Prasad, flip through the pages of the ClipBook.

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