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When And What Should I Feed My Baby?

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When Can I Feed Cheese?

One of the most common questions regarding babies’ diets is that of feeding cow's milk to my baby. No sooner has that confusion died down than the next one pops up – why is cheese or cottage cheese okay when cow’s milk isn’t?

Can I Give Nuts To My Baby?

Everyone is aware of the various health benefits of dry fruits and nuts but is unsure about how and when to start introducing them to their babies. Check out...

Why No Salt And Sugar For Babies Until 1 Year Of Age?

This must be one of the foremost doubt for all new mums who start solids for their babies. Let’s reason out why no salt for babies till 1 year.

Does My Baby/Toddler Need Iron Supplements?

It is a common myth that ”Babies after 6 months need iron supplements” and mommies are concerned whether their babies might become anaemic if iron is not supplemented. This is not true for all babies.

Jaggery For Babies - Yes Or No?

During our medical internship , we are taught to advise mothers to add jaggery to baby’s food. This instruction was according to the recommendation of the Food and Nutrition Board of India and from the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, based on the as...

Can I Give Biscuits To My Baby?

This is one of the most common questions I get from Mum's, and the questions often come with the expectation of a positive response! In India, it is very common to feed babies biscuits and milk, and biscuits are also the most popular snacks given ...

Can I Give Curd Or Banana During Cold/Cough/Fever To My Baby ?

Myths surrounding foods and ailments are always not true, except for a few genuine home remedies. Check out the myths associated with cough and cold in children.

When And How To Introduce Eggs To Babies?

Mommies are always in a rush to start feeding eggs to their babies and this question "When can I give my baby eggs?” lands in my email inbox almost daily.

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