What's Directly Across The Ocean?

What's Directly Across The Ocean?

Although we are now smart enough to know that the sea horizon is not the edge of the world, it is difficult to name exactly which countries lie beyond. This ...

This Map Shows You What’S Directly Across The Ocean From Different Coastal Points

The Washington Post KnowMore Blog posted a photo that shows you what country is exactly across the ocean from all the different coastal points of North and South America. The map above shows the countries that are due east and west from points alo...

Where You're Really Facing When You Look Across The Ocean

Say you’re standing perpendicular to an East Coast beach gazing out over the waves. What continent are you facing—Europe or Africa, right? Well, if you happen to be in certain places from South Carolina up to Newfoundland, your eyes could be direc...

What’S Straight Across The Ocean When You’Re At The Beach

If you jumped in the ocean at Atlantic City, N.J., and started swimming in a straight line, where in the world do you think you would end up? The answer, surprisingly, is South America, according to a new map project by cartographer Andy Woodruff....

7 Surprising Maps That Prove Your View Across The Ocean Isn't What You Think It Is

Anyone lucky enough to have grown up near the coast has probably spent countless hours staring off into the distance, trying to pick out an impossibly far-off landform on the horizon. And, for good reason, most of us assume that the land we're try...

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What's Directly Across The Ocean?

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What's directly across the ocean?