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What You Should Tell Your Child About Kisan Diwas


India being an agrarian economy, it's essential we educate our children about the lives of farmers and how they contribute to our economy. 

Farmers are also responsible for the food on our plates. So, their contribution is not only vital to the growth of the country but our personal growth as well. We need to teach our children to be grateful to the people who toil through the year to provide us with essential food items. 

So, this National Farmers’ Day, which falls on 23 December, teach your child a little about agriculture and the people who are involved in this field. Flip through our ClipBook for more information. 


National Farmers’ Day (India)

We celebrate the National Farmers’ Day on the 23 December every year. It is also popularly known as Kisan Diwas, which roughly translates from Hindi to “farmers’ festival”.

What Is The History Of Kisan Diwas?

Kisan Diwas is also the birth anniversary of a former Prime Minister, Chaudhary Charan Singh. He did a lot for the farmers our country by effecting helpful policies and programmes. Moreover, he also belonged to a farming family himself.

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