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What You Should Know About Adoption


Adoption can be a beautiful experience that helps create a new family. While most people opt for adoption due to their inability to have children of their own, it needn't be so in every case. Some people even adopt a child thinking about all the orphans who already exist in the world and are in need of a loving home. 

In this ClipBook we introduce you to the many aspects of adoption, including both the legal and the social ones. We also bring for you the stories and perspectives of parents who have chosen to adopt. We end with some information on how you can go about adopting a child of your own.


The Basics

Adopting a child isn't an easy process. Since adopting a child is not the norm, not many know how to go about it or from whom to seek advice. Here’s an article that introduces you to some of the main aspects of adoption that you need to know if y...

Adoption In India

The legal formalities that needs to be fulfilled before adopting don’t make it too easy to adopt. You need to be aware of the current laws and procedures of adoption in order to formally adopt a child. There are agencies that can help you with ado...

A Personal Perspective

What do parents go through before adopting a child. Read this interview with a mother from Bengaluru who has recently adopted a girl child and what she has learned from the experience...

In The Long Run

Here the popular film director, Prakash Jha, talks about his parenting journey and his urge to adopt a girl child. He talks about what made him take the decision of adopting a child and how his life changed after that...

How The Professionals Do It

SOS Children’s Villages is one of the most trusted and well-run NGOs working with orphans. This is an international organisation that is active in at least 135 countries. They go about finding a loving and warm home for the orphans assigned to the...

Indian Association For Promotion Of Adoption And Child Welfare (Iapa)

Have you decided to adopt a child and are willing to take the process forward. IAPA can be of help. It is a non-profit, voluntary organization that was started way back in 1970. Over the years since it was founded, IAPA has evolved and today its m...

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