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What To Wear During Pregnancy


You are pregnant and don’t know what to wear? Should you feel comfortable in it? Or should you look stylish as ever? Well, it is quite normal, not just for a pregnant lady, but ladies, in general, to be confused to choose between style and comfort.

During pregnancy, the body undergoes drastic changes. “For many women, adjusting to these changes can be difficult. In terms of wardrobe, for example, it can be hard for expectant moms to dress for their rapidly changing bodies, while also maintaining their personal style. Thankfully, comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive. Keep reading for tips on using your wardrobe to compliment all those wonderful changes you’ll experience during pregnancy,” reads an excerpt from the article ‘Dressing During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know,’ posted in

When choosing pre-maternity clothes, it’s not just your size that matters, but the quality and the durability of the clothing as well. It is always advised to try on the pre-maternity clothes and read the details about the material before buying it. Most preferred pregnancy wears are leggings, long and loose tunics, maxis, unstructured cardigans, stretchy clothes etc.

But, are you worried about compromising on the style factor whilst you’re pregnant? ParentCircle has answers for all your worries. Flip through the ClipBook for expert opinions on pre-maternity, maternity and post-pregnancy wears.

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