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What To Eat During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a complicated process that involves the evolving of two human beings who will always share a bond, even after they become two separate individuals.

Pregnancy ushers in several hormonal and physical changes. What you eat during this precious time will affect the health of both your baby and you. The growth of your unborn baby depends a lot on your healthful and balanced diet. If you have followed a poor diet before your pregnancy, it becomes even more important for you to start following a healthy pregnancy diet.

You need the right amount and types of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. You will also need more folic acid. The way to ensure this is to follow a diet chart for pregnant women. A good diet chart will guide you to eat right through each stage of your pregnancy.

Your diet will change every trimester to ensure that you and your little one get the right nutrients.

According to “An Indian diet for pregnant women is rich in all the food groups that will help you be healthy and will also provide your unborn baby with the right amount of nutrition. Make sure you speak to your doctor and plan accordingly.”

This ClipBook will take the stress out of eating right during the cherished months of your pregnancy.

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