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What To Do If Your Child Has A Food Allergy?



Food Allergies

With a food allergy, the body reacts as though that a particular food product is harmful. Learning how to recognize an allergic reaction will help you get your child the medical care needed if a reaction occurs.

Managing Food Allergies And Food Intolerance

A food allergy is a response by the body’s immune system to a particular food. The immune system responds to the food as if it were toxic. Food allergies can occur immediately (immediate onset) or after some time has passed (delayed onset).

Tips For Raising A Child With Food Allergies

Having a child with food allergies is a scary, often overwhelming experience, especially when those allergies are life-threatening. It can also be very isolating. For parents figuring out how to safely feed their child at home, school or at play, ...

Talking To Children About Their Food Allergies

Through clear communication, you can help your child understand what it means to have a food allergy and how to stay safe. This is a skill that will serve your child well in the future. Here are a few tips for how to talk to your child about a foo...

Is Your Food-Allergic Child's Diet Nutritionally Balanced?

Removing certain foods from your child's diet can lead to the loss of important nutrients. A balanced, nutrient-rich diet is vital for a child’s growth and development.

10 Ways To Manage Your Child's Food Allergies

Parents can feel scary because of possible exposure to a potentially life-threatening food. Here are 10 strategies to help parents and kids feel safe and in control in the face of food allergies.

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