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What Teens Really Need


Teenage is a time of twists and turmoils. The physical and emotional changes make teens behave in a manner that seem strange to those around them. They become argumentative, rebellious and secretive. Because of this, many parents find it challenging to deal with their teenage children. They especially find it hard to understand the needs of their teen. 

However, your teen still needs your support to get through this part of her life, especially considering how vulnerable she is likely to be. So, it’s important for you to be there for her, even if you don’t understand what your teen is going through.

Our ClipBook speaks about what teens need. Flip through to learn about the importance of showing your love to your teenage child, while being careful about letting your teen have enough space. 



As they say, ‘love makes the world go around’. Teens also need love, especially from parents. So, it’s important to not only love your teen but also show your love in to let her know. However, you need to be careful about how you express your love...

Personal Space

Though your teen should know that you love him, it doesn’t mean that you coddle her with affection. Teenage is a time of self-discovery and exploration. This means that your teen also needs some personal space...


Following from giving your teen enough personal space, it’s also important that you respect your teenager’s privacy and allow him the right to decide what and how much he wants to reveal about himself...

Open Dialogue

Your teen is in a stage where he is quite likely to explore new experiences. However, some of these experiences can be risky or your teen may not be ready for it. So, it’s important that you have open conversations around some of these topics with...


Who doesn't love being showered with attention. It’s important that you pay attention to your teen and be present in the moment when you spend time with him. This is especially important for teens who are going through physical and psychological c...

Connecting With Your Teen

Although parents are left puzzled by the way teens behave, the still want to be with them. Parents are eager to know whats happening in their child's life, who they also understand is now becoming an adult. Here are a few ways you can connect with...

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