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What Parents Should Know About Grandparents


Grandparents can be the biggest blessing for parents struggling to raise their child on their own. With grandparents taking care of the children, parents can feel assured. Not only do grandparents provide care, they also teach their grandchildren a lot of valuable things like family history, traditions, moral values and more.

However, in some cases, problems may arise as well. Some grandparents, can be interfering, intruding and unwilling to listen to what parents have to say about their child's upbringing. Such an attitude can send conflicting signals to the children.

So, before you warm up to the idea of engaging grandparents in the care of your children, it is a good idea to prepare yourself for both the good and the bad. Going through our ClipBook will help you understand what it means to involve grandparents in children's upbringing.


The Grandparent–Parent Collaboration

With lives of parents becoming busier, the role of grandparents in taking care of the child is increasing. But, what happens when a child seems to love her grandparents and connect with the more than parents? What happens when the child wants to s...

Parenting: The Special Role Of Grandparents

Parenting is a huge responsibility and help is often needed. And, who better to help than grandparents, who not only connect with the child but also care deeply about him. Although grandparents may not be up-to-date with today's parenting techniqu...

The Importance Of Grandparent–Grandchild Bond

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is not just a bond between two individuals belonging to different age groups, but also a bond across generations. When grandparents look at their children, they get a glimpse of what the futu...

Parents Can Learn A Lot From Grandparents

Grandparents not only have knowledge and wisdom to impart to their grandchildren but also to parents. So, parents, make some time to listen to what your child's grandparents have to say. You might learn new and unexpected ways to be a better paren...

When Grandparents Don't Understand

Most grandparents can't keep themselves from spoiling their grandchildren – if not every day, then at least once in a while. While it’s not their intention to make parenting harder for parents, spoiling grandchildren can often result in that. So, ...

Supporting Ailing Grandparents

This is one of the saddest parts of the grandparent and grandchild bond. While life-expectancy is rising, there are still many children who have to say goodbye to their cherished grandparents way too soon. And, even when it’s not that soon, it’s h...

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