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What Indians Consume


According to some estimates, India is currently the world's sixth richest country. And while this may make many Indians proud, the truth is that India still has the worlds highest number of malnourished children.

But the income that Indians do generate must be spent on something and it's interesting to study our consumption patterns. There's a clear distinction between what rural India spends as opposed to city folk. And surprisingly, India's number of meat consumers is far higher than what most people might think.

What's more, Indians eclipse any other country when it comes to gold, with close to 33 per cent of the world's gold being bought in India.  

Swipe through the clips below to know more about the consumption patterns of our nation. 


Consumption In Developing Countries

In America, most people spend half their income on housing and transportation. But consumption in developing countries is quite different. Food is what the average Indian spends most of her money on. And internet access is surprisingly low, with o...

India's Meat Consumption

There's a popular myth that India is largely vegetarian. However, as many as 80% of the country's population are meat-eaters. Chicken and mutton are the most commonly consumed meats. What is India's most vegetarian city? Turn out it's Indore. But ...

How The Ultra-Rich Spend Money

India's ultra-rich have a net worth of at least Rs 25 Crore. What do these millionaires spend their money on? Almost 22% of their income is spent on maintaining their lifestyle while 16% goes towards leisure and recreation. They also make sure tha...

Millenials Are The Foodie Generation

Eating out is big business in India. And the biggest market for restaurateurs is the young millennial generation. Having just entered the workforce, they probably don't have much time to cook for themselves. And when it comes to spending Saturday ...

India's Gold Addiction

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. One-third of the gold mined in the world is consumed in India. The consumption of gold is rooted in Indian culture, with the precious metal being an essential at weddings and other festivities. G...

Urban Vs Rural Consumption

Urban Indians spends 84% more than their rural counterparts. This isn't surprising considering that costs of living are significantly higher in cities. However, rural Indians spend a greater proportion of their money on food. As people get richer,...

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