What Does Your Handwriting Say?

History Of Graphology

We have made our way from symbols and imagery to letters. It's basically body language on paper. Every alphabet serves the purpose of an intriguing find about a person's personality.

Did You Know?

Graphology aka handwriting analysis is very much associated with psychology. It makes sense.The analysis gives you an insight into the psychological status of the mind at the time of writing.This is exactly why a person's handwriting is almost sam...

5 Things Handwriting Analysis Cannot Reveal About You

No, graphology is not equivalent to astrology! It definitely has it's limitations which is very much acceptable.A person's age,sex ,marital status etc can not be determined.Graphology just offers you a complete personality profile, from how sensi...

How To Analyze Handwriting

A person's handwriting is as unique as their personality, which makes it tempting to connect the two. Graphology is a fun exercise, especially if you're testing someone you know, but it has very limited accuracy.

What Line Spacing Says About You

Spacing reveals our perspective on life, how clearly we see the relationships between ourselves and others, and how we arrange our environment.

Upright Slant

You can easily recognize the slant of the handwriting sample by drawing a vertical line on the paper and seeing to what extent the letters deviate from that vertical line.

Forensic Graphology

Forensic Graphology is the study of handwriting especially that found in ransom notes, poison pen letters or blackmail demands.

Graphology Or Handwriting Analysis

Video giving basic idea of analysing a hand writing.

Backward Slant

Left-slant writers are generally insecure and lack spontaneity in their reactions to various situations. Such people in general grow up to become difficult to approach. Read on to know more.

Forward Slant

The writer who has got a right slant is usually impulsive, he/she may take fast decisions then regret them later. Read on to know more.

Baseline Theory

The baseline is used to determine the emotional control and reliability of the individual.

Word Spacing

The amount of space a writer leaves between words is a good indication of how much personal space he/she demands from others. Read on to know more.

Word Size

Some people use big letters in writing while others use small ones. You can determine if the writing is big or small by relative comparison, for example if you write twelve words per line while a friend of yours writes five words per line then his...

Signature Analysis Of President Barack Obama

See for yourself! You can now conclude that graphology never goes wrong.

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What Does Your Handwriting Say?

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You probably don't know about it but there is actually a word for this interesting science and it's called Graphology.Explore!