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What Does Competition Do To Kids?

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Why should kids engage in competition with one another? Is competition good for kids in the long run? Will competition help kids be prepared for adult life? In today’s world, competition is much different than what it was years ago. Parents have different views on competition; some think that competition will only end up harming the self-esteem of children and increase anxiety while there are others who believe competition is not only beneficial to children but also vital to their overall education.

Parents.com says when done in a right manner, competition can help your children learn skills they will be able to use throughout their lives. In an article published in parents.com, Timothy Gunn, Psy.D., a pediatric neuropsychologist and owner of Gunn Psychological Services, Inc., in Southern California, says “competition helps kids learn that it is not always the best or the brightest who are successful, but rather those that work hard and stick with it."

Most children feel bad when they end up losing because, let’s face it, nobody wants to be a loser. This is detrimental for the self-esteem of kids. Self-esteem in kids stays high whenever winning is occurring, but defeats can crush confidence and leave some children questioning their identity, according to kidspot.com.

Whether competition is bad for kids or not is a raging debate. Some even question the role of competitive sports in the life of children. Do you want to know more on this? Then, please click through the pages of the ClipBook.


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