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What Do Indians From Different States Eat For Breakfast


Did you know the word 'breakfast' means to 'break the fast' — the time period between the present morning and our meal the night before? A healthy and complete breakfast will enhance your child's physical and mental well-being. Which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Children who often skip their morning meal get hungry within the first few hours and tend to eat more junk food. Yes, foods like chips and cookies are delicious but extremely unhealthy too, in the long run. In fact, eating too much of such foods can lead to children developing eating disorders and other health-related problems. On the other hand, studies show that a balanced breakfast can build up your child’s stamina and hone her powers of concentration. This, in turn, will spur her to excel both in studies and sports and also, maintain a healthy weight.

But, does it worry you that your child is unwilling to eat a wholesome breakfast? The good news is that our country is an assortment of different cultures and regional specialities, when it comes to food. This paradise of flavours is filled with healthy breakfast ideas to kickstart your child's energetic day. 

So, flip through this ClipBook to get breakfast inspiration from the different states of India. 


Gujarati Dhokla

Soft and fluffy dhoklas garnished with coriander leaves and served with a variety of chutneys can lighten up anyone’s mood instantly. Dhokla is a traditional Gujarati dish, great to eat at any time of the day but even better at breakfast. This is ...

Kerala Puttu

Puttu is a staple breakfast of Kerala. It can be had in sweet or savoury versions, depending on the side dish and the accompaniments. Sprinkled liberally with coconut, this is one delicacy that you can have at any time of the day, every day!

Rajasthan Ki Kachori

Flakey, fried and simply delicious — kachori is a beloved breakfast item and also, widely-available street food. There are several varieties of kachori that you can have depending on the region it is made in. Here is one that is a speciality of Ra...

Madhya Pradesh Ka Poha Aur Jalebi

Madhya Pradesh has a rich culinary heritage with unique flavours and tastes particular to this region. One such dish is poha and jalebi, an unusual combination relished at breakfast. So go on, try tangy flattened rice flakes served with hot jalebis!

Kal Dosai From Tamil Nadu

Kal Dosai is the Indian version of pancakes. There are innumerable varieties of dosa, depending on what the batter is made of, the thickness, the side dishes and even, the chutneys, served as accompaniments. But there is only one way to relish a d...

Punjab’S Aloo Paratha

A lip-smacking forever favourite breakfast is aloo parathas served with yoghurt and pickle. Garnished with makkhan or a dollop of butter, this is one dish that tastes absolutely delicious, any time of the day!

Assamese Jolpan

The easiest breakfast is the one that does not involve cooking. Jolpan is one such recipe hailing from Assam. It is a laid-back breakfast recipe that even your child can try making.

Mughlai Paratha Of Bengal

Mughlai Paratha is a quick and easy to make recipe of Bengal. These are parathas stuffed with masala egg. It is usually had on a Sunday morning as it is heavy and filling.

Maharashtrian Rice Bhakri

A typical healthy flat bread, made out of rice soaked overnight — Bhakri is popular in Maharashtrian and Konkan cuisine. It can be served with various accompaniments and is wonderful to eat, any time of the day!

Himachali Bhature

Hot bhature, some lip-smacking chole, a tumbler of masala chai and the chilliness of a winter morning — a combination you just cannot resist! Bhature, or fried Indian bread is a popular dish and is often served with chickpeas or chole masala.

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