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What Are Epidurals?


During pregnancy, many women fear labour and the pain that comes with it. A large percentage of women want to experience childbirth naturally but sometimes, there is too much pain involved.

As a result, today, many women are increasingly opting for epidurals during pregnancy to ease labour and birth pain. But, is this really safe?

Go through this ClipBook to know all about epidurals including the causes, procedure, advantages and disadvantages, etc.


Pain Relief Options For Indian Moms During Childbirth

Ask expectant Indian moms what they feel about the approaching labour, and chances are you discover they are apprehensive about the pain involved. Many Indian women do not know that there is help at hand. Read on to find out more about some pain r...

Epidurals: Fact Vs. Fiction

Considering that at least 60 percent of American women today have an epidural for pain relief during labour, it's surprising how misunderstood this procedure is. For starters, even doctors use the word "epidural" generically, to encompass three si...

Painless Delivery From Epidural Anaesthesia Is Possible

Now, women can deliver without pain. This has been made possible by epidural anaesthesia which suits those patients who deem it difficult to tolerate the labour pain. This process is fully safe for the child and the mother both. During the course ...

Are Epidurals Really So Bad?

if a woman considers getting an epidural, as 60 to 80 percent of first-time pregnant American women do, there’s a good chance she will hear that this form of pain relief—in which anesthesiologists administer a low-dose anesthetic and narcotic thro...

Natural Childbirth V: Epidural Side Effects And Risks

There is still much we don’t understand about birth, and even more, we don’t have direct control over. In some cases, despite a woman’s best efforts to have a natural, undisturbed birth, complications arise that require medical attention (and tran...

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