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What A Nightmare!!


Is your child waking up in the middle of the night, with a petrified look, loud shrieks or inconsolable cries? She is experiencing nightmares in her sleep. And how frightened she is after waking up will probably tell you how horrific the nightmare was.

Most often, your child’s nightmare can give one to you. Seeing her struggling to sleep and fearing the nightmares can be heart-wrenching to you, especially because you cannot do much about it. ‘How can I possible protect her from something that isn’t tangible?’ you can wonder.

However, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, try to identify if there is any particular factor that’s triggering these nightmares. For example, a recent traumatic event or over stress. Addressing this trigger and talking about it might really help in lessening the nightmares. And, don’t add to your child’s fears by overreacting; try to console her calmly. Bringing in as much positivity around her as possible will also be effective.

Also, you must be able to differentiate between your child’s nightmares and terrors. An article in Baby Center explains, “Night terrors, a less common sleep disturbance, usually strikes during the first third of the night. Children having a night terror episode remain asleep throughout, in a deep, non-dreaming state, yet they're extremely agitated and hard to console. Afterwards, they go back to snoozing soundly and won't remember the incident in the morning.”

For more suggestions on how to make your child’s sleep not-so-nightmarish and understand in detail the differences between nightmares and night terrors, read through our ClipBook.


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