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Ways To Treat Breathing Problems In Children


Do your child’s lips have a bluish tinge? Does she struggle to inhale and exhale air? Your little one might have a breathing problem.

Although, breathing problem in children are common, yet, they can be serious if not treated in time. In most cases, breathing difficulties in children are caused by viral infections like cold or viral bronchitis.

Fortunately, you can treat breathing problems by following the steps and ways mentioned in this ClipBook.


Breathing Difficulty In Children

Infants and children will experience a variety of types of breathing difficulty from several different illnesses. A child with severe difficulty breathing needs urgent hospital treatment. Breathing problems that occur suddenly also need immediate ...

Symptoms Of Breathing Difficulties

Breathing problems are common in young children, but in some cases, they can be serious. Wheezing and congestion are just two breathing difficulties your child may experience. Breathing problems can signal a serious illness. Not all of them requir...

Causes Of Kids' Breathing Problems

Do your child’s lips have a bluish tinge? Does he also make a whistling noise while breathing? Well, if you can relate your child to the above situations, it is likely that your child is suffering from breathing problems.If a child is experiencing...

Breathing Problems In Children With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is associated with a significant health burden, which is particularly apparent in young children who will frequently present with cardiac and respiratory problems. Down syndrome is caused by a problem with a baby's chromosomes.

Treating Breathing Problems In Children

Breathing complications are common during the first few days of a premature baby’s life. Depending on the type and severity of the problem, there are several ways in which treatment can improve breathing.

Home Treatments For Breathing Problems In Toddlers

Most toddlers experience occasional, mild breathing problems. In most cases, breathing difficulties in toddlers are caused by a viral infection, such as a cold or viral bronchitis. Several home remedies can treat these problems with few side effec...

Breathing Problems And Exercise

Specific breathing exercises and a little physical activity can help some people with lung disease. It is important that you always plan any exercise routine after consulting your doctor or healthcare professional.

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