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Ways To Teach Your Child To Share


Children are the best imitators! If you don’t believe it, try to count the number of behaviors that your little princess mimics based on her parents’ actions.

This quality of being imitative comes in handy when she learns good things from you. For example, she learns to share and to be generous by observing your generosity and your capacity to share.

Sharing is an art and forcing your child to be generous might cause her to be angry, jealous and pained. Selfish behavior of your daughter needs to be understood in order to address it effectively. Teaching her to share will help her grow into a generous adult.

The quality of sharing needs to be inculcated among siblings. offers the following advice: “While it is important for your daughter to learn to share, it is reasonable for her to have some toys she doesn't let her brother use. You can help her choose which toys she can keep for herself and play with on her own, in her room, or when her brother is sleeping.”

Creativity, including games on sharing, can create a stress-free environment for teaching and learning to share. A promising way to teach sharing is to try offering choices to share instead of the reward and punishment way of teaching life skills.

Well, you are in a tricky situation and probably are looking for answers to some important questions. What is your child thinking when she refuses to share? Would you like an age-by-age guide to help your child share? When is the best time to expect your child to share? What is attachment parenting and how does it help in nurturing a generous child?

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