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Ways To Make Your Child Physically Active


Breaking your head over the fact that your teenaged child has become a couch potato? Or struggling to imbibe healthy habits in your pre-schooler? We have some sure-fire ways to solve your problems.

We, at ParentCircle, decided to delve deep into the issue and help you in your mission to make your child physically active.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to learn about the importance of physical activities for your child. Also, read about the various fun ways you can make your child more active. Curious to know what Shilpa Shetty, the fitness diva, has to say about raising a healthy, happy child? Read the clip which details her views on the subject and how she keeps herself and her family fit.

Running is a good activity to follow as a regular part of your fitness regimen. Discover ways to influence your child to take it up along with you. When we talk about fitness and health goals, every family should have certain health goals — we can help guide you with it.

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Why Physical Activity Is Important For Children

Sedentary lifestyles and no physical activity — this has resulted in growing numbers of obese and unfit children. In such a scenario, fitness has become vital for the young generation.

How To Get Your Child Moving

Are you worried that your children are becoming couch potatoes? Here are a few tips to shake them out of their cocoons and get them to adopt active lifestyles. Read how to go about it.

5 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Run

You want your child to be physically active but don’t know how to go about it? We give you tips to encourage your child to take up something as simple as running, which comes with a host of healthy benefits.

5 Ways To Get Your Preschooler To Be More Active

It can often be an ordeal to pull your little one away from the television and mobile screens. Here are five ways to encourage your child to take up fun physical activities.

Fitness Should Begin At Childhood: Shilpa Shetty

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is known for her fitness. She insists on introducing healthy habits early on. Read what she has to say about keeping fit as a family.

6 Health Benefits Of Sports For Children

Thinking of encouraging your child to take up a sport? Go ahead! Taking up a sport is a wonderful way to stay fit.

5 Fun Fitness Activities To Do With Your Child

We all want our kids to be active and healthy so that they can stay away from the risks of lifestyle ailments. Here are some engaging activities you can do with your child that will make fitness fun.

10 Health Goals Every Family Should Follow

Is stress giving you sleepless nights? Are you falling ill on a regular basis? It's never too late to take charge of your health. Know how, by following the health goals as discussed in this article.

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