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Ways To Keep Your Child Active


Physical activity is very important for a child's overall development. The best way to keep a child active is by introducing her to physical activities from a younger age and also doing it along with her. Biking, hiking, sports, swimming, running, jumping rope, trampoline and dancing are all fun activities you can do with your child.

An article on healthychildren.org states, "Exercise along with a balanced diet provides the foundation for a healthy, active life. This is even more important for children who are obese. One of the most important things parents can do is encourage healthy habits in their children early on in life. It is not too late to start. Ask your child's doctor about tools for healthy living today."

Make workouts fun for your kids. Choose age-appropriate exercise routines; provide ample opportunities for activities rather than rigorous schedules. Pre-schoolers can enjoy free play, simple ball games like throwing or kicking, swimming, biking, dancing, etc. Older kids can take up any physical activity they enjoy such as martial arts, gymnastics, team sports, roller skating, skateboarding and horseback riding. For a kid who is not interested in sports, use trial and error methods to find one or two activities she might enjoy. Family workout trips like yoga sessions, hiking, swimming or biking can motivate them. Look for activities like dance classes or hula hoop sessions at home if your kid is averse to sports but inclined towards something artistic. Restrict their screen time and encourage them to play.

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Health experts recommend limiting screen time to less than 2 hours a day for teens, less than 1 hour a day for children of ages 2 through 12, and no screen time for children under 2.

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Get Active With Your Child

Physical activity helps children grow strong bones, maintain a healthy weight, and discover the world around them. Best of all, it's great fun.

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