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Ways To Improve Your Child's Handwriting

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Top 5 Reasons Why Handwriting Is Important

It's a hot topic in the education world the case for handwriting instruction in schools. At Handwriting Without Tears, we believe that it is as important as ever to teach handwriting. Here's why...

Keeping Handwriting Alive

It’s no surprise that as technology has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives the traditional act of writing with a pen has been somewhat forgotten. The ease of word processing documents, as well as the development of applications th...

5 Important Reasons To Teach Handwriting

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bic. The opinions and text are all mine. Would you agree with me that teaching handwriting is important? In this era of technology and electronics, it’s easy to focus on typing and let ha...

Tips To Help Improve Your Child's Handwriting

If you notice your child struggling with his handwriting, here are some ways you can help him improve his skills and gain confidence in his abilities.

Simple And Practical Tips For Improving Your Child's Handwriting

Neatness in handwriting has nothing to do with brilliance and too much emphasis on neat handwriting can discourage the kid from writing or trying to communicate via writing.

Ways To Improve Your Child's Handwriting

Parents are always worried about their child’s overall development and academic improvement is an integral part of this overall process. Having good handwriting is very essential for academic success of children. Here are 5 ways to improve handwri...

Fine Print: Solutions To Handwriting Woes

If your kid hasn't mastered the basics of writing -- like letter formation, pencil grip, spelling, or spacing between words -- there's likely no need to worry just yet. Handwriting is a difficult skill and requires a healthy dose of practice. Expe...

Five Strategies To Improve Pencil Grasp For Children

It is important to try to modify the pencil grasp early in a child’s school career because it will be harder as they get older to break poor habits. The most efficient way to hold a pencil is the dynamic tripod grasp where the pencil is positioned...

Finger Exercises For Kids May Improve Handwriting

These finger exercises for kids are designed to increase the dexterity and skill of the tripod fingers, with the hope of ultimately improving your child's pencil control and handwriting. In order to control a pencil and develop good handwriting sk...

Improve Handwriting With Printable Mazes

Mazes are a fun activity for children which helps them learn to manipulate their fingers and develop muscle tone, strength and balance. Problem-solving with mazes requires your child to interact and concentrate in a fun way. Age isn’t necessarily ...

Improving Handwriting For Children With Autism

Handwriting struggles can be some of the most challenging obstacles children and young adults with autism face as they’re growing up. Without the skills to write clearly and effectively, many kids pull away from their studies and experience issues...

Kids’ Games That Improve Handwriting

Getting your child to practice their handwriting can become a daunting task. They have video games on the brain and will do anything to get away from their work desk-and you! Did you know that there are many kids’ games that improve handwriting?

Fun Activities To Improve Your Child’S Handwriting Skills

Did you know handwriting is an important aspect of your child’s learning? Handwriting influences success in reading, writing, language use and critical thinking. Here are few fun activities that children will enjoy.

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