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Ways To Help Your Child Overcome Fear Of Injections


Getting an injection is a fearful experience for children and adults alike. Is your child afraid of the shot too? You may try to convince him that it is good for him and will protect or cure him of various illnesses, but the truth remains that injections hurt, especially to a little one.

In the article, ‘Helping Kids Who Fear Vaccines,’ published in WebMD, writer Lisa Fields says you can play an active role in changing your child’s attitude towards injections. What you say before and during the doctor’s appointment can help your child – calm him down and reduce his fear.

Tips to help your child deal with injections:

• Stay on schedule: Babies are too young to remember the pain from injections from a previous visit but toddlers and pre-schoolers might. The older your child gets, the more they can remember. So, do not postpone a shot.

• Be honest: You can be straightforward with your child and tell him that the injection is going to hurt. This may alarm the child but also prepare him mentally for the shot.

• Smile: Young children often take cues from their parents so if you appear anxious or afraid, your little one might behave the same way. Try to act normal and smile as if the shots are no big deal.

Parents states that one simple way by which you can try to prevent the physical pain of your child is by applying an anaesthetic cream about 20 minutes before the injection shot. This will help numb the skin and lessen the pain.

Go through these tips and many more in detail by flipping through this ClipBook. You can ease your little one’s fears regarding injections, help manage the pain and even reduce the risk of your child developing a phobia of injections if you tackle the issue in the right manner. 


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