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Ways To Boost Your Toddler's Confidence


As the competence of children increases and they achieve more, their self-confidence also increases. So, competence forms the building block of a child’s self-confidence. Self-confidence helps a child tide over difficult situations like change of school or performing on a stage. Parents can instil confidence in their children by teaching them how to be competent and thus helping them to achieve more. According to the article titled ‘Raising Confident Kids’ in, “Kids develop confidence not because parents tell them they're great, but because of their achievements, big and small.”

As competence is the key to increasing confidence, it is important for you to encourage your child to develop the ‘can-do’ attitude. You can help your child develop confidence in many ways like giving her opportunities to practice her skills, boosting her spirits so she keeps trying, responding with interest when she shows new skills, and rewarding her when she puts in a good effort.

While appreciation for achievements are necessary, a healthy dose of criticism creates room for more development. So, the way you respond to your child’s achievements and failures has a huge impact on the level of her confidence. According to an article in, “The attitude you project as her parent is crucial. This is because your child's view of herself is partly a reflection of the views others have of her.“

As Blake Lively rightly said, “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.” So, help your child muster confidence.

For more information on the advantages and tips to raising confident children, go through this ClipBook.


Set Consistent Limits

Consistent limits help children feel secure and help them learn what is and is not appropriate behavior. As parents, you need to set limits for your children. Here are some suggested approaches to doing so.

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Stop Comparing With Others

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Encouraging Independence

Do not be afraid to assign those age-appropriate tasks to your toddler. Doing things for themselves fosters independence and confidence in young children, and those age-appropriate actions are the perfect preparation for the school years to come.

Work On Communication

Unclear speech can have an impact on a child's self esteem and confidence; Fiona Barry explores the ways that parents and teachers can help if a child is having difficulties.

Bond With Other Toddlers

Build your toddler’s self-confidence to prepare her for solving social problems and making friends. Self-confident children seek out relationships with the optimistic expectation that friendships are rewarding.

Offer Positive Reinforcement

Your praise and encouragement will help your children feel good about themselves. This boosts their self-esteem and confidence. Sometimes rewards can be useful too, especially if you want to encourage good behaviour.

Encourage Extracurricular Activities

After School activities can boost the confidence of kids with learning and attention issues. Here’s how extracurricular activities could improve your child’s self-esteem. Look for activities your child excels at.

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