Wall Decor Ideas

Wall Decor Craft Projects

Find craft projects for wall decor, including easy wall art, paintings, canvases, shadow boxes and more.

How To Create An Art Gallery Wall

Looking for a unique way to display your art collection? We asked 3 top designers to share tips to help you create a professional art gallery wall — an eclectic mix of paintings, prints, photographs and other artwork — at home.

Family Tree Wall

Discover Pins about family tree wall on Pinterest. See more about family tree mural, tree wall murals and tree wall stencils.

50 Beautiful Diy Wall Art Ideas For Your Home

Many of us are thinking about adding cool new decorations and colorful accessories. With redecoration on the top of everyone’s mind, it is the perfect time to take a look at some of the best DIY wall art ideas around. Instead of splurging a fortun...

How To Decorate Your Dorm Room With Photos And Posters

Every dorm room varies in layout and style, but everyone‘s got photos and posters of some sort in theirs. Simply putting them up with Sticky Tack isn’t very aesthetically pleasing (especially not to you, since you read CF!), but it can be difficul...

Creative Diy Wall Art Ideas To Decorate Your Space

There are literally thousands of different ways to make beautiful art for the walls of your home or office (along with posters and prints). But we narrowed it down a little to our top 100 favorite ideas. Whether you’re into metallics or neon, colo...

19 Cheap Ideas To Decorate Your Bedroom Wall

Moving into halls or your new uni house can be a sobering experience. You've left your home comforts behind only to find yourself in a small white box. Fear not, whether you're particularly creative or not we've got 19 great ways to give your wal...

12 Ways To Decorate Your Walls

A secret to well-designed rooms are often in the wall detailing. Wallpaper, wood paneling, and even tile can add a layer of interest and finish the room's polished look.

Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Art Ideas For Your Wall Decor

Toilet paper rolls are those items that we use every day. Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse them to make a creative and beautiful wall decoration. Here we present you 30 diy Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art ideas that will boost your creative.

20 Low-Cost Decorating Ideas

Ideas that call for a little imagination, and little money, add instant style to any decor. Add instant style to any decor with decorating ideas that call for a little imagination, and even less money.

Decorating Ideas For Large Walls

Don't be intimidated — a big, windowless wall can be the perfect canvas for creative ideasjavascript:void(0)

Wall Decorating Ideas

Pins about Wall Decorating Ideas hand-picked by Pinner Bonjour Miaou | See more about gallery walls, phoebe howard and sunburst mirror.

36 Blank Walls Solutions For Your Home

Sick of staring at a cold, stark, empty wall? Infuse it with warmth and style by adding creative artwork.

28 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Walls Inexpensively!

While we’ve been sitting around wiping incredible amounts of snot and not burning any calories, I’ve been thinking about my next project, where there’s a big empty wall and I want to do something cool with it, so I rounded up some clever feature w...

Decorating Bedroom Walls

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Wall Decor Ideas

Vishnu PriyaVishnu Priya
A secret to well-designed rooms are often in the wall detailing. Here are the ways to turn your boring white walls into beautiful art.