Vishu Ashamsakal

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The advent of this festival is marked by the widespread blooming of Kanikonna (Laburnum) flower. Once, this was the New Year festival of Kerala; much before the Kollavarsham calendar began. In the nearby State of Tamil Nadu, Vishu is celebrated as...

Story Of Vishu

Once there was a boy who regularly worshipped at a Sri Krishna Temple near his home. The boy had only one wish that he wanted to see Gopalakrishna or the child form of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. He only prayed for the fulfillment of this wish.

Vishu Festival In Kerala

Vishu Festival acclaims the commencement of Malayalese New Year and is celebrated with much fanfare in the state of Kerala and the bordering areas of・・・

How To Prepare Vishu Kani?

Vishu kani is the most important thing of Vishu. Kani means the first sight. Therefore, people consider the first thing you see on a day will decide your day. The same way the first thing you see on New Year will decide the luck and prosperity for...

Story Of The Origin Of Kanikonna Flower

Kanikonna Flower, or Vishu Kani Konna, is the yellow flower that is used for Kani during the Vishu festival in Kerala. Origin of Vishu Kani Konna flower is associated with Sri Krishna – and it symbolically shows the power of devotion.

"Konnappoov" - A Collection Of Vishu Special Songs

A Collection of Vishu Special Songs

Kanikanum Neram Kamalanethrante - Ks Chithra

Kanikanum neram kamalanethrante

Happy Vishu & Kerala Sadya Recipes

It marks the beginning of Malayalese New Year and is observed on the 1st day of the Malayalam …

Vishu Recipes

Vishu is the first day in the first Malayalam month of Medam (March – April) and is celebrated as the Malayalam New Year. The traditional rituals followed are believed to usher in a year of prosperity.For Malayalees, the day starts with the custom...

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Vishu Ashamsakal

Nivedhika KrishnanNivedhika Krishnan
Vishuis a Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala, Mangalore and Udupi. The festival signifies the Hindu New Year.