Violence On Tv And In Movies

How Should You Talk To Your Kid About Violence On Tv And In Movies?

Common Sense Media parenting expert Caroline Knorr answers questions about parenting, media, and everything in between. Violence is everywhere: in video games, movies, books, music videos, and cartoons, on the nightly news and the Web, and even...

How To Talk To Kids About Violence

Violence in our world today is all around our kids, in the media, in our communities and even in our schools. Our kids are exposed to images and stories that are unavoidable and can be very frightening for them. As parents, the best thing we can d...

What Parents Can Do About Media Violence | Center For Media Literacy

For 40 years, researchers have asked the wrong question about media violence: Does watching violence cause someone to become violent? Although there is evidence that some children imitate Ninja kicks, and that occasionally someone will "copycat" a...

Talking To Kids About Media Violence - Tip Sheet | Mediasmarts

Talking to kids about violence in the media they consume – television, movies, video games, music and the Internet – can help them put media violence into perspective and perhaps diffuse some of its power. The following “discussion starters” are d...

How Tv Affects Your Child

Most kids plug into the world of television long before they enter school. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF): two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch a screen an average of 2 hours a day kids under age 6 watch an average of about 2 ...

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Violence On Tv And In Movies

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How Should You Talk to Your Kid About Violence on TV and in Movies?