Who Are We?

Velvi is a registered trust founded by Dr.Parasuram Ramamoorthi in 1998 at Madurai, the home of ancient arts and culture. Velvi means ‘an interior journey, an act of purification for the welfare of humanity’. Velvi offers training programme in art...

Theatre Heals!

Drama therapy is the process of systematizing the cathartic and therapeutic effects of Drama on a specific group of people with the intention of healing. It helps people cope with their mental and physical conditions.Drama Therapy, a form of creat...

How Drama Therapy Works?

When we narrate a story, we narrate our experiences. Our perspective becomes entwined in the story. When we reminisce, our narration of a story becomes a reflection of personal problems. When an incident in the life of a client is narrated and ena...

Support Centre

We offer support and counseling to Parents and Children identifying what the child can do rather than what the child cannot do.Our training is based on the assessment of the Person’s dreams and we work out a plan for the person and direct them to ...

Velvi Art For Autism Festival 2010

Sam a young man whom VELVI has been training and mentoring is transfroming from a singer into a performer

Velvi Art For Autism Festival 2014

Art for Autism Festival on 19 Jan.2014 at Madurai.

Velvi, Drama For Autism Course Now Online!

Lead and follow, Imitate and play with me. Mask helps children to brush shoulders with other children. They learn to imitate. Velvi Drama for Autism Online course 2015 encourages you to play creatively with children. Tenth Batch starts on 15 June ...

What Masks Do?

2 opposite purposes: they hide one's identity and they also exaggerate one's expressions. But one artist with her " obsession with faces" discovered another pair of opposites. A mask makes a person feel protected and also Imprisoned at the same ti...

People Behind Velvi!

Velvi is managed by a board of trustees headed by Dr.Parasuram Ramamoorthi, Playwright/Poet/Director and Drama Therapist. Dancers and teachers interested in arts and arts education are part of the trustees who strive to create awareness among the ...

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Velvi offers training programme in arts/theatre/music and dance for people in autism spectrum disorder.