Vegetarian Dogs Live Longer

Vegan Dogs

For both ethical and health reasons, many vegetarians and vegans choose to feed their companion dogs vegetarian or vegan diets. Up to 50 % of commercial pet food brands are comprised of "meat meal" and "byproducts," which include various body part...

Meet A Vegetarian Dog Who's The Picture Of Health | Dogster

Many dog lovers firmly believe that dogs absolutely need meat to thrive. And I confess I used to be one of them - until I discovered that one of the most vibrantly healthy dogs I know is a vegetarian.

Vegan Heartland: Making Your Own Vegan Dog Food

Although a dog's protein requirements are greater than humans - with a little careful planning you can be assured that your dog's diet will be healthy for them and gentle on the animals and the planet.

Vegetarian And Vegan Diets For Dogs And Cats

People make decisions about what to eat based on their beliefs and backgrounds, including health, political, environmental, cultural, or religious ideals. For some people, that carries over into what they choose to feed their dogs and cats. In one...

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Vegetarian Dogs Live Longer

It is possible to have healthy, long living pet dogs by feeding them only vegetarian foods.