Veena Music

Veena Music

Veena Music was found by Mrs.Veena who is a classical singer and our institute is located in Koramangala, Bangalore. We have all varieties of music and instrumental classes, which includes, -Classical music -Guitar -Veena -Violin -Tabla -Tambura...

Introduction To Indian Music

Twenty centuries ago, the essential role of music of India was deemed to be purely ritualistic. Music as entertainment is supposed to have evolved much later. Another part of Indian music is folk music. Indian classical music is said to have evolv...

The Origins Of Indian Music

The origin of Indian music is said to be rooted in the Vedas. It is said that God Himself is musical sound, the sound which pervades the whole universe, i.e. Nadabrahma. The origins of Indian music are therefore considered divine. It is said that ...

The Importance Of Classical Music For Kids

It is essential for children to be introduced to classical music, in a carefully examined and appropriate way, since it’s highly beneficial for their development. Generations of kids grow up watching cartoons that use classical music. They often ...

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Learning - Dance/Music | 4-16 yrs

Veena Music

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