Vael's Symposium: Round-up

Knowledge Enlightens

The grand inauguration of 'Potentialities to Performance' symposium.

Ms. Aruna Sankaranarayanan

The Founder & Director of Prayatna spoke about how teachers can help children with learning disabilities learn better in class.

Defining Performance

Ujjwal Singh, Head- Strategic Initiatives Pearson India speaks on what is performance and the need to love what you do in order to change things for the better

'A Symposium Is A Platform For Learning'

Harita Sanjay, English teacher shares why she thinks a symposium for teachers is helpful

On Math And Learning Difficulties

Mallika Mishra, talks about how children with learning disabilities face difficulties with math.

'A Need For A Counsellor Is Very Essential'

Rosabel David, Economics teacher on what she learnt at the morning session on Day 1

Dr. Ishari K Ganesh

The chairman of Vels University spoke about youth being self-reliant, and the role that teachers play in moulding the youth.

Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh

Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh, Principal Vael's International School, Injambakkam speaks about the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

Experience Speaks

Three teachers who took part in the Cambridge International Certificate in Teaching and Learning, share their experiences with the audience.

Facing Challenges

Ms. Arthi Ganesh, Pro Chancellor, Vels University, talks about teachers facing challenges and overcoming them.

Be An All-Rounder!

Ms. Meenakshi Ramesh, Principal, Vaels International High School talk about teachers being all-rounders.

Let's Take A Leapstart!

Mr. Kishen Whabi, program director, Leapstart talks about physical education and its importance in the lives of children. He also made teachers take part in some fun physical activities, like making a huge plastic sheet turn into a parachute wit...

Fun Games

Mr. Kishen made teachers don the role of students by making them play fun physical games.

Mr. Krishnamoorthy Venkatraman

The Vice President, Business Development, Parent Circle, spoke about ParentCircle's digital platform, and inspired many teachers to try out new technology in their classroom.

Kirtanya Krishnamurthy At 'Potentialities To Performance' Symposium

Ms. Kirtanya Krishnamurthy, CEO, Mind Fresh Training, at 'Potentialities to Performance' symposium held at Vael's Billabong International School.

Ms. Kirtanya Krishnamurthy

Ms. Kirtanya Krishnamurthy, motivates teachers at the symposium with her speech.

Ms. Meenakshi, Principal Vaels International School

Ms. Meenakshi talks about her experience with the symposium

Ms. Charu Eshwar, Vice Principal, Vael's International School

Vice Principal, Ms. Charu Eshwar talks about her experience with the symposium

Mr. Venkatachalam, Dean - Vael's International School

Dean, Mr. Venkatachalam talks about her experience with the symposium

The End

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Vael's Symposium: Round-up

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