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Aiming To Be An Indian Forest Service Officer

An exhibition of over 200 wildlife photographs by young Vishwak Shenon at the Centenary hall in Egmore Government Museum premises had brought the forest animals alive in the hall. His clear nature rich photographs of the tigers, elephants, birds,...

Developing Apps Is Kid Stuff For Them

Meet Shravan Kumaran and his younger brother Sanjay Kumaran – two of the youngest promoters of a company. Aged only 12 and 10 respectively, Shravan is the Co-Founder and President of Go Dimensions while his brother is Co-Founder and CEO. When most...

'Success Comes To Me'

Mr Venkatachalam, Dean, Vels Billabong International School shares the secret behind the school's success

Creativity Unlimited

An origami workshop that was organized in the school


The Second Annual Model United Nations conference VMUN organized by Vaels International School

The End

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