Urban Versus Rural Parenting

Parenting Perceptions In Rural And Urban Families: Is There A Difference?

Contributors to come from a diversity of fields including anthropology, demography, economics, history, psychology, and sociology, as well as interdisciplinary fields such as human development and family sciences. publishes original theory and res...

City Mum ~ Rural Life | Books For Parents

There are so many books on the market which purport to be able to teach you how to teach your child to think. Unfortunately many of these books are something akin to Chinese Whispers – the ideas that they aren telling you aren’t anything original....

How City And Urban Living Affect Our Ability To Cope With Stress

More than half the world’s population now lives in urban settings, and by 2050 the percentage is expected to rise to 70%. Because cities will be home to so many, it’s essential to better understand the health benefits and risks of urban living.

Growing Up In The Countryside

Here's an interesting study that delves deep into the aspect of rural upbringing and what it does to a child.

Parenting Styles: A Rural Upbringing

I won't lie: When we first started our family in rural Montana, I took to heart the casualness of visitors, who were excited to bring their kids out on vacation but “wouldn't want to live here.” They'd allow that the area was beautiful, as if comp...

Raising A Child In The Country – 5 Reasons Why It Might Be Right For You

“ Come see what I built! ” It was an invitation from my then almost-9-year-old son to visit the space he had built for himself to ‘get away from it all’. He led me carefully through one of the many patches of undergrowth near our little cabin, thi...

What It’S Like Raising Children Off-Grid

We wanted to raise “free-range children”, and learned how much active parenting was required… When my wife and I decided to move to a remote off-grid location, our biggest concern centered around child rearing. We were young and idealistic, and fe...

Raising Kids In The City Or The Suburbs?

When my children were young and we had just moved to a house in the suburbs, friends would come up and visit from the city. They would sit on the porch, or push their children on our swing set, and they’d explain how they had thought of moving to ...

Culturally Responsive Parenting

Parents are a child's first teachers, and a nurturing relationship between a parent and child supports optimal early childhood brain development.1 Children develop in an environment of relationships, and the environment into which a child is born ...

Moral Understandings Of Urban Children In Sub-Saharan Africa

Contemporary research regarding children's moral development has consistently cited the influential role of social experience and interaction. It is hypothesised that the child's environment will provide social experiences which once processed and...

Nature Vs Nurture Raising A Child In An Urban Setting

One District of Columbia mother's perspective on living and raising her son ina an urban setting. Produced by Tori Ikeolu Adeyeye.

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Urban Versus Rural Parenting

Have you ever wondered how parenting happens in a rural set-up? Is it any different from what happens in urban households?