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Unique Breastfeeding Traditions Around The World

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Breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful and natural acts that a mother can experience. Through breastfeeding, the infant gets valuable nutrients that is necessary for overall growth and development.

But, did you know that the process of breastfeeding varies not only from person to person but culture to culture? For instance, in a bizarre ritual, the men of the Aka tribe in the Republic of the Congo breastfeed their children, not for milk and nourishment, but for the sole purpose of comforting them through the nipple.

Likewise, in Japan, when mothers want to stop breastfeeding, they draw bright faces in each breast so that the child can be discouraged from wanting to be breastfed. In Mongolia, breastfeeding efforts are not only limited to babies with even men consuming breastmilk.

This ClipBook contains similar breastfeeding traditions from around the world that are traditional and surprising at the same time.


Is Breastfeeding The Same Around The World?

When it comes to the topic of breastfeeding, every new mother is influenced not just by her physical capacity and her personal belief but also by certain social and cultural norms. But is there much difference in the attitude to breastfeeding arou...


As part of their culture, lactating women of the Bishnoi tribe in India are known to breastfeed an orphaned or injured deer so that the animal can be nursed back to health.


In Japan, it is believed that the production of adequate and good quality milk is due to the blessings of Buddha. Other factors such as regular massage of the breast, certain foods and herbs also have a big role to play.


New mothers of certain tribes in Kenya try to remain happy and avoid arguments with family and neighbours as often as they can. Why? These women believe that if they do quarrel, then their milk will become unsafe for the baby to consume. They also...


Do you know that breastfeeding mothers try not to be stressed in the Philippines? The reason is due to a common belief that if a stressed mother breastfeeds her baby, the quality as well as the taste of the milk is affected, which can make the bab...

Republic Of The Congo

Among the Aka tribe, which is found in the Republic of the Congo, a strange ritual exists when it comes to breastfeeding babies. If the mother is not around and the baby starts to cry, then men can breastfeed their own children but only for the so...


Mongolia follows a strange tradition when it comes to breastfeeding. The people of Mongolia praise public breastfeeding efforts and this feeding is not only limited to the babies. In fact, the males of Mongolia are not far behind the babies when i...

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