Unfair & Lovely

India's Unfair Obsession With Lighter Skin

ou look green!" said a friend. "Are you ill?" asked another. Last year, a respected Indian newspaper published a photograph of me online which had been lightened so drastically by the art director's magic wand that I called the editor to complain ...

#Unfairandlovely: Dark-Skinned Women Create Hashtag To Challenge Eurocentric Beauty Standards

Some South Asian girls might remember applying layer upon layer of a beauty product called Fair & Lovely, a skin-lightening cream used to obtain the lighter skin they aspired for at a young age. Yanusha Yogarajah, a sociology and social work sopho...

Not Fair, Very Lovely - Oscars Edition.... - Not Fair, Very Lovely | Facebook

Not Fair, Very Lovely - Oscars edition. #Oscars #NotFairVeryLovely

11 Things You Can Do For Your Dark-Skinned Daughter To Boost Her Self-Esteem

We asked two dozen African-American psychologists, student and professional members of The Association of Black Psychologists, to share their best advice for raising strong, confident girls.

India's Skin Deep Prejudice

We The People: Is India a country of closet racist? Even today, are we obsessed with fair skin? A debate.

We The People: An 'Un'-Fair Obsession?

We The People: We The People debates India's obsession with fair skin and whether there is a need to ban fairness products.

Unfair And Lovely

My daughter was excluded from the Oppana school dance because she wasn’t ‘fair.’ As a dark-skinned person myself, I’ve faced very low self-esteem, which I don’t want for my daughter. But is our country ready for change?

Dark Is Beautiful

While it would appear that skin colour bias is an issue that affects women, our campaign has drawn a strong response from men, too. Amidst a global craze for fairness products and careless advertising, we aim to educate and empower consumers to ma...

Dark Is Beautiful

Women of Worth’s founder Kavitha Emmanuel who launched the Dark is Beautiful campaign in 2009, said, In 2012 we received an invitation from Sepia Films in Canada to participate in this documentary that features the issue of colourism across differ...

Dark Is Beautiful

India is particularly guilty of the brand of body shaming that insists that only fair is lovely. Media, advertising, and the fairness cream industry bombard Indian women (and now men too) with the message that their natural skin colour is not good...

Kangana Slams Actors Endorsing Fairness Cream; Srk Listening?

Dark spells doom for girls, especially in the Sub-continent, who are hoping to meet their soul mates, entering celluloid or making it to the cover of a magazine. In a society obsessed with 'white skin' fairness is still the benchmark for beauty.

Dark Is Beautiful: How To Fight Skin Colour Bias In India With A Campaign - The Alternative - Sustainability As A Way Of Life

A campaign ‘Dark Is Beautiful‘ is questioning this desire for white skin, and trying to draw attention to the unjust effects of the bias towards pale and fair skin.

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Unfair & Lovely

Let us look in the mirror and learn to love our beautiful brown skin tones