Understanding You Child's Behaviour

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Whatever the case, parents can feel under a lot of pressure to ‘solve’ behaviour problems and are naturally very worried about the best approach to take. Parents can feel very alone and it can be a relief to discover that other parents feel the same.

Behavior Assessment, Plans, And Positive Supports

Why is a student exhibiting challenging behavior? Behavioral assessments can help you answer that question. They also are helpful in developing a behavioral intervention plan that reduces problem behavior, including positive behavior supports.

Positive Behaviour Tips For Children

Watch this video to see the tips above in action. The video shows mums and dads using positive strategies such as praise to encourage the behaviour they want. These strategies can help you avoid negative behaviour like tantrums, whining and hitting.

How To Shape & Manage Your Young Child’S Behavior

Helping shape your children's is a key part of being a parent. It can be difficult as well as rewarding. While at times it can be challenging, a few key principles can help. Children learn by watching everyone around them, especially their parents.

Understanding Your Child’S Behavior

Why does she do this? His behavior has become so aggravating! What can we do to change it or stop it? These are questions often voiced by concerned and frustrated parents who are confused by their children’s behaviors.

Understanding Children And Dealing With Behavioural Problems

Kid's misbehaviour is a common concern for parents.

Emotions & Behavior

Is it just a phase or a serious problem? Help your child cope with life's ups and downs, from dealing with divorce to preparing for new siblings. Or find out how to understand your child's behavior, whether it's toddler tantrums or teenage depress...

'Understanding Your Child's Behaviour'

Clinical Psychologist Rebecca Johnson discusses the Solihull Approach's 'Understanding your child's behaviour' group for parents

6 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn't Ignore

Why you shouldn't ignore it: Your child may be incredibly excited to tell you something or ask a question, but allowing her to butt in to your conversations doesn't teach her how to be considerate of others or occupy herself when you're busy. "As ...

Dealing With Child Behaviour Problems

People have different ideas about what is "good" and "bad" behaviour. What you consider to be bad behaviour might seem normal to other parents, and the other way round. Your circumstances can affect how you judge your child's behaviour.

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Understanding You Child's Behaviour

How to Shape & Manage Your Young Child’s Behavior.