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Understanding Toddler Talk


Your baby’s first word is often the most special. However, understanding what he is trying to say, in between the coos and babbles, cannot be as easy as you thought. So even though it seems like your child’s words are not even resembling your language, do not get disheartened. You need to realise that your little one is still in the midst of toddler development.

According to an article in What To Expect, “The sounds kids substitute are so common (“w” instead of “r” or “v,” for example) that most people can understand toddler words.” So, try to learn about some commonly mispronounced words to understand your little one better. Also, it is necessary to stay patient. Just hear him out when he is trying to say something as it will boost his confidence and lower the chances of him getting frustrated.

There are ways to improve your toddler’s talking too. You should note that your little one absorbs everything that is happening around him, and learns more and more everyday from his surroundings.

An article in advises, “Talk with your little one throughout the day. Describe what you're doing, label common objects and read simple books together. Sing silly songs and read nursery rhymes. All these activities encourage language development.” This way, your child’s vocabulary and knowledge will increase.

For more suggestions on how to interpret your toddler’s babbles and how to assist his language development, flip through this ClipBook.


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