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Understanding Gifted Children


Being a child prodigy can be a blessing or a curse for your child, depending on how equipped you are to guide him.

It is not enough to know that your child is gifted; he needs to be trained for a brighter future. Being a gifted child means having ‘the ability to benefit from advanced learning material’. The word ‘gifted’ has been misappropriated often. We often hear that all children are gifted. This is true in a sense. However, the giftedness referred to here is being a prodigy. There are scientific ways to identify the gifted children in a classroom.

Gifted children have a need for higher levels of learning material. Regular books and pictures may not appeal to their intellect. They may find the texts incoherent and impersonal. Furthermore, they may be disappointed with the assessment systems in schools. As a result they may be bored or create a nuisance in the classroom. “For every child prodigy that you know about, at least 50 potential ones have burned out before you even heard about them,” says mucisian Itzhak Perlman.

There are socio-emotional problems associated with gifted children. As a general rule, gifted children are prone to have problems. This becomes a greater problem for twice-exceptional learners. , “A twice-exceptional learner is one who both 1) has one or more special needs and 2) demonstrates above-age-level potential in one or more areas,” write Prof. Anitha Kurup and Ms. Amita Basu of The National Institute of Advanced Studies

Now, how can you help your little prodigy live a happy and successful life?

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What Is Giftedness

A useful working definition of giftedness is “the ability to benefit from advanced learning material.” In any classroom, there may be children who need remedial material to perform satisfactorily (children with learning disorders, mentally retarde...

Aren't All Children Gifted?

Many people believe that all children are gifted.  This, in turn, becomes a reason not to invest in gifted education.The misbelief that all children are gifted involves several issues.

Identifying Gifted Children

If you are a parent or teacher considering to nominate a gifted child, please go through this page before you make your nomination.

Why Do Gifted Children Need Gifted Education?

Gifted children have advanced learning needs. When the regular curriculum fails to meet these needs, gifted children often become bored and may engage in disruptive behaviours, under-achieve, or absent themselves frequently.

The Twice-Exceptional Learner

Twice-exceptionality exists where the gifted population overlaps with the population of special-needs children.<br>A twice-exceptional learner is one who both 1) has one or more special needs and 2) demonstrates above-age-level potential<br>in one...

Socio-Emotional Concerns Of Gifted Children

Are the gifted more susceptible to problems? This topic has long attracted debate and research.

Faq's On Gifted Children

If my child is gifted, why does he not do well academically? Often, gifted children may not perform well academically. They may find the presentation of content in textbooks impersonal and disjointed,or they may be disenchanted with assessment sys...

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