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Understanding Autism In Children

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Often, parents of autistic children face an uphill battle every single day. While parental stress is common and quite understandable, parents of a child with autism experiences higher levels of stress.

Why? One may ask. Parents of an autistic child must put in more effort compared to other parents. To begin, children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are likely to have co-morbid learning difficulties, party attributed to the child’s inability to attend to process information as compared to his or her peers.

This means the child cannot process or understand or even, for that matter, communicate clearly for his needs and wants. So, rather than push the child, parents should try to focus on helping the child fulfil his or her potential.

From ways assistive technology can help autistic children to fun outdoor activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to talking to a child about an autistic sibling, this ClipBook is your go-to destination for all your autism-related queries.


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