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Twin Tastes

One Life Two Ways

With international cuisine now being available in almost all the metropolitan cities, more Indians are willing to try food from different parts of the world. But who wouldn’t like innovative recipes from Indian cuisine, especially when it has been cooked to suit a modern palate? Exposure to food from different cultures has spurred Indians to look for innovation in their usual style of cooking to add variety in taste and style. On the Internet, you can find numerous blogs suggesting ways of introducing creative and innovative changes in traditional Indian cuisine. A lot of these fusion recipes can be easily tried at home, especially if your kid is a picky eater and would love to try different kinds of food.

Fusion food is slowly finding its way into cookbooks as well. Tarla Dalal's Easy Gourmet Cooking is a collection of fusion recipes. Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor has also come up with his own set of fusion dishes like steamed chicken dim sums with Alphonso salsa and malpua with strawberry-kiwi rabdi.

A classic example of ‘East meet West’ in cooking and eating is seen in our content partner’s food blog named ‘OneLifeTwoWays’.

For more on how the twins from London take you through a palatable journey with innovative South Indian cooking, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.

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Onelifetwoways- How It All Began

Born in South India and brought up in London, our life has had two major influences: tradition and modernity. This project is our journey to unite them - we're on a quest to bring the food of our roots to a modern day palate.

The Philosophy Of Onelifetwoways

Cooking and eating should be enjoyed and we hope to bring variety and excitement back into your culinary pursuits!

Unique Recipes By Onelifetwoways

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We were especially excited to see some Indian inspired products, also our favourite all-star super food - Turmeric! Here we've featured our favourite products along these themes.

Bbc Asian Network Radio Interview With The Twins

We were thrilled to be part of BBC Asian Network's special feature on how Asian food bloggers are helping people rediscover some of the spices and ingredients their parents used in their cooking.

Bbc Asian Network On "Onelifetwoways"

Food bloggers making Indian food healthy!<br>The Asian food bloggers Onelifetwoways trying to make Indian cooking more healthy.

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