Tues Titbits: Coaching

The Top Ten Myths And Realities About Coaching

In an attempt to provide some insight into what are the major myths about coaching, here is a list of the top ten myths and respective realities that are counter to each myth.

Breaking The Myth: A Teacher's Experience

Thank you Taranum Ma’am for sharing this experience with us. Indeed it breaks the myth number 6, ‘Coaching is time consuming’. You win 15 Learning points for your school and a surprise gift is on its way…. Here we get to read her experience in he...

Coaching Models: Fuel And Grow - Srinath Ramakrishnan

A coaching model is a framework; it does not tell you how to coach but, rather, it's the underlying structure that you can use when you're coaching someone.

Coaching And The Grow Model

This is a short and breezy introduction to coaching and the GROW model - with some great jazz to hurry it along.

Fuel Coaching Model

This video is part of the Principal As Instructional Coach online course.

Teaching How To Teach: Coaching Tips From A Former Principal

High-quality coaching lies somewhere near the crossroads of good teaching and educational therapy. Done well, coaching can help you sort through your pedagogical baggage, develop or hone new skills, and ultimately find your best teaching self. Don...


In continuation with our theme of 'Coaching', let's look at the seven principles of coaching.

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Tues Titbits: Coaching

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Tips on coaching your people, beginning with myths around coaching